12 Rules for Life is an international bestseller #1 that distills some of life`s toughest questions into accessible, practical advice – by Jordan B. Peterson, «the most influential public intellectual in the Western world,» according to the New York Times. (409 pages) Peterson`s interest in writing the book stemmed from a personal hobby of answering questions posted on Quora; One of these questions was, «What are the most valuable things everyone should know?», to which his answer[12] included 42 rules. [6] The original vision and promotion of the book was to incorporate all the rules entitled «42». [13] [14] Peterson explained that it is «not just written for other people. This is a warning to me. [7] Instead of despairing of these differences in moral codes, Aristotle argued that although specific rules, laws, and customs vary from place to place, which is no different, there is an inherent tendency for people to make rules, laws, and customs. To put it in modern terms, it seems that all human beings are so indeliblely concerned with morality through a kind of biological endowment that we create a structure of laws and rules wherever we are. The idea that human life can be free from moral concerns is a fantasy. 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a self-help book published in 2018 by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology.

It provides life coaching through essays on abstract ethical principles, psychology, mythology, religion and personal anecdotes. Peterson says it`s a great coping mechanism because it helps balance your life between drowning in hedonism and the fact that you`re so fair. Of course, not all victims are equal. The ones you do for personal gain, like working overtime to pay for vacations, are less important than those you do for the greater good, like volunteering on a Saturday. I`ll leave you with an analogy that Peterson makes. The lotus flower begins at the very bottom of the lake, soaked in darkness. Centimeter by centimeter, it makes its way to the surface until it finally breaks through and enters the sunlight. I could certainly imagine worse ways to spend a life than being a lotus flower. Ron Dart, in a review for The Ormsby Review, saw the book as «an attempt to articulate a more meaningful order for freedom as an antidote to the unpredictable. Chaos of our time», but although «necessary» with exemplary advice for men and women, it is «hardly a sufficient text for the more difficult questions that afflict us in our too human journey and that must be read as such». [92] [93] In a review for the Financial Times, Julian Baggini wrote: «In headline form, most of its rules are simply timeless common sense. The problem is that when Peterson fills them, they carry more stuffed animals than meat.

[94] If your life is not what it could be, try to tell the truth. If you desperately cling to an ideology or wallow in nihilism, try to tell the truth. If you feel weak and rejected, desperate and confused, try to tell the truth. In heaven, everyone tells the truth. This is what makes it paradise. Tell the truth. Or at least don`t lie. When our circumstances become chaotic, or when life does not go as planned, «the terrible inadequacy of our senses is revealed. Everything that is dear to us crumbles into dust. We freeze.

We turn to the stone. «Hating life, despising life – even for the real pain that life causes – only serves to make life itself worse, to make it unbearably worse. There is no real protest in that. There is nothing good about this, only the desire to create suffering for the sake of suffering. This is the essence of evil. People who come to this kind of thinking are only one step away from total chaos. Sometimes they just lack tools. Sometimes, like Stalin, they have their finger on the nuclear button. Mikhaila had been suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since the early years of her life. The disease caused unimaginable pain in her joints, which could have caused Mikhaila to be completely sidelined. Men impose a code of conduct on each other when they work together.

Do your job. Pull your weight. Stay awake and pay attention. Don`t complain or be sensitive. Stand up for your friends. Do not suck or sniff. Don`t be a slave to stupid rules. Do not be, in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a girlie man. Don`t be dependent. Not at all. Never. Period.

The harassment that is part of acceptance in a work team is a test: are you tough, entertaining, competent and reliable? If not, leave. It`s as simple as that. We don`t need to feel sorry for you. We don`t want to put up with your narcissism, and we don`t want to do your job. Life`s lies are life-building lies and/or naïve visions that people believe in and devote their energy to forcing them to exist. Peterson writes: Have you cleansed your life? If the answer is no, here`s something to try: Start doing what you know is wrong. Start quitting smoking today. Don`t waste time wondering how you know what you`re doing is wrong if you`re sure it is. But the story of the golden calf also reminds us that without rules, we quickly become slaves to our passions – and there`s nothing liberating about that. Perhaps it is not reasonable to ask God to break the rules of physics every time we fall to the side of the road or make a serious mistake. Maybe at such times you can`t put the cart before the horse and just wish your problem was solved in a magical way. Perhaps you could instead ask yourself what you need to do now to increase your determination, strengthen your character, and find the strength to keep going.

Perhaps you could ask to see the truth instead. Keep this in mind, too, when it comes to oppression: every hierarchy creates winners and losers. Winners, of course, are more likely to justify the hierarchy and losers criticize it. But (1) the collective pursuit of a valued goal creates a hierarchy (since some will be better in that pursuit and others will be worse, no matter what it is) and (2) it is the pursuit of goals that gives life its lasting meaning for most. This post changed my life. I read it from time to time to remember it. Whether he touches the right nerve at the right time or puts his finger on true meaning and meaning, only time will tell, but with thousands of people telling him how the book has changed their lives, there`s a good chance it`s the last. Let`s look at 3 of its 12 rules to find out: We now have two general principles of discipline. First, limit the rules. The second is to use the slightest force necessary to enforce these rules.

It`s all well and good to think that the meaning of life is happiness, but what happens when you`re unhappy? Happiness is a great side effect. When he comes, accept him with gratitude. But it`s ephemeral and unpredictable. It`s not something to aim for – because it`s not a goal. And if happiness is the meaning of life, what happens when you`re unhappy? Then you are a failure. Peterson is quick to point out that while most of us are never pressured to commit hostile acts against ourselves or others, the impulse to destroy our own lives by other means seems to be increasingly pervasive in our culture.