At the stage a couple of, he learns you’re responding individuals normally but him and you may becomes crazy, “Know what?


Which son enjoys moments. During the phase you to, the guy gets puzzled that you suddenly vanished and you will requests one of people that’s nearest and dearest along with you send you an excellent text message or something like that. I’m able to disregard you as well”. Within stage about three and you may last, he misses you therefore the guy gets sad plus bad vibe trying to get in touch with once more if you don’t correspond with him.

“You can have just spoke to me!… However, i’m delighted that it’s done now, i… We truly missed you… A lot of.”


I feel such as for instance he’d initially is actually kidding about it until he see you are not browsing respond to your. Baek couldn’t actually sleep thinking that you probably did perhaps not experienced a similar and now he’d missing the friendship. You’re so important so you can your he whines. One night your call him and he can’t be so much more happy conversing with all to you evening.

“I know that you don’t feel the exact same however, we can not to lose your, please i promise i could-”


This nice cinnamon move cries, i am sure from it. Another users greatest anticipate to drag your out of bed every single day if you don’t keep in touch with him. He is able to perhaps not imagine getting okay it is therefore specific to any or all the moment he gets until the minute he sleeps one to Jongdae isn’t okay. When he fundamentally helps make contact with you and time so you’re able to chat the guy appears fine af for example he failed to passed the new entire day dead to the.

“I don’t understand the reasons why you did you to definitely but it does maybe not count any longer, i simply want you understand i really like you very much no matter what we have been”


Extremely confused, he had been sure your noticed an equivalent that is why he generated for example a large step. He seems one to perchance you simply got timid however, their low self-esteem struck your like a trailer. The result: poor people can’t focus as he was training, to the reveals and possess as he try doing offers (truthfully just what made him a whole lot more crazy). He is able to maybe not eliminate so the guy confesses to you personally by the text message.

“I don’t know what’s happening but i additionally would not determine if might actually ever communicate with me personally once again therefore i want to inform you. (Y/N) I favor you, i really want you and only you…”


Provides you with many sexy messages that have emojis and you may drama up to he becomes disappointed and you may take off your own number. Naturally a child regrets like one minute later on and apologize with lovable texts once again. It goes a few days with sadbaby!jongin if you don’t address him having a “hi…” adequate to own him so you’re able to freak-out and you will send you 3843 questions.

“How could you do this in my opinion? It’s been weeks! Just what did you perform? Did you consume? Are you presently okay? I am hoping so due to the fact i found myself for example shit”


At first he could be such as “Are you currently severe?” and you may refuses to give you any further messages. He succefully ignores your until the guy observes their social networking where you’re apparently happy in place of him and it affects him, however, i believe you to Sehun doesn’t contract better having problems so the guy turns they on the outrage. They explodes when a picture of both you and a masculine friend are most personal arises on the stories. Your home bell rings of course, if your open the entranceway Sehun is there crossing possession sufficient reason for arched eyebrows. The guy complains continuous to own moments unless you can explain anything to help you him.

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