(vi) The Nominating Committee shall advertise all vacancies for Class III staff of the Judicial Office in two daily newspapers widely distributed in the State of Bihar, one of which is published in Hindi and, where appropriate, in a local daily newspaper at the headquarters of the district concerned. Provide high quality, efficient and courteous service. By order of the Supreme Court of Tennessee of 15.01.2021, the court extended the stay of personal legal proceedings until March 31, 2021. Pleadings may be dealt with with immediate effect in cases where a judgment has been rendered but no statement has been made. As previously announced, civil general sessions are also expected to issue seizures and levies. Suspensions may be granted for applications to determine payments with a hearing date of April. Dismissals can be granted on application for annulment until the date of the hearing, in April or as soon as the courts resume the personal proceedings. (See orders below.) The judges of the Civil Court of General Sessions have received permission from the Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Tennessee to extend the reopening to personal court proceedings on March 22, 2021, to ensure timely notification of all parties who have cases before the Civil Court of General Sessions. 4. The recruitment of candidates shall be governed by the general rules of procedure established by these rules of procedure. The Tennessee Supreme Court`s order to partially amend and rescind the stay of personal court proceedings, which was issued on September 12. February 2021, the suspension of all in-person court proceedings outside of the jury in all state and local courts in Tennessee, including but not limited to municipal, juvenile, general, court and appellate courts on Monday, March 15, 2021. (iii) Shirestedar of another court and accountant.

(4) All procedures relating to the conduct of departmental proceedings, the imposition of penalties, the execution of the appeal, etc. are subject to the legal provisions applicable to the employees concerned. The Civil Court of General Sessions consists of six (6) civil judges who preside over approximately 65,000 new cases each year. Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program – Frequently Asked Questions | City of Memphis | General news (memphistn.gov) (vii) Saran in the area of Chapra – Saran in Chapra, Siwan, Gopalganj. (v) Darbhanga Zone – Darbhanga, Madhubani, Samastipur, Begusarai The advertisement must clearly indicate the number of vacancies in each category, such as employees, typists, stenographers, etc. The Rules of the Civil Court of Bihar (Class III and IV), 2009 (4) Before a stenographer is promoted to the rank of junior selection, he must pass the shorthand test at the rate of 100 words per minute in English and 80 words per minute in Hindi and only 5% of errors are allowed. (ii) Establishment of the Nominating Committee.-In each district, there is a Nominating Committee composed of the District Judge and two additional District Judges who have served the longest in judicial office. However, in the event that it is learned that one of the candidates is related to one of the members of such a committee and/or for any other reason, if one of the members of the committee is unable to participate, in that case the next senior judicial officer available in the judicial function shall be admitted to the committee. However, it is specified that irregularities in the composition of such a committee do not invalidate any appointment or other action taken by that committee for that reason alone.

(3) At the state level, a coordinating committee shall be composed of the chairman of each of the zonal selection committees, the district judge, Patna shall be the chairman. 2. This notice of appeal shall be sent to the Registrar of the High Court by the district judge concerned, together with any observations, within weeks of receipt of the notice of appeal. (ii) However, it is clarified that irregularities in the composition of such a committee do not invalidate any appointment or other action taken by that committee for that reason alone; 12. A selection board of successful candidates shall be established on the basis of the total score obtained in both the written examination and the interview. Following the selection tests (written and oral), the Coordination Committee will establish a joint body in order of merit for all judicial posts in the state of Bihar. a) English language – consisting of letter writing, essay, summary, comprehension and vocabulary (20 points). (15) The Coordinating Committee may establish different bodies for different types of posts, namely (i) Registrar, (ii) Stenographer and (iii) Typist, etc. (2) The District Judge shall from time to time carry out examinations ordered by the High Court.

(iii) The provision of article 7 shall apply mutatis mutandis to such proceedings. (i) Provisions relating to civil and criminal courts established by the High Court. (i) The Standing Committee may, on the recommendation of the district judge or otherwise, transfer staff in grades III and IV from one judicial office to another for administrative reasons or in the public interest. (2) Appointments to the higher grade of the ministerial institution should normally be made on the basis of the seniority of a lower grade, provided that they possess the required educational and other qualifications provided for in this Regulation or any other applicable law and are otherwise capable of performing the related functions and passing the examination. where applicable, prescribed in accordance with those rules. (viii) the nominating committee shall cause the written examination to be carried out, including the evaluation of the intervention work carried out by a reputable professional management group or body which normally organises recruitment tests for public or private sector organisations. (2) The services of the candidates may be terminated after the expiry of that period or even during the probationary period without giving reasons if, in the opinion of the district judge, the applicant`s performance is not satisfactory.