I read the whole article, and it`s still not clear to me. In the section on the butterfly knife, it says that it is legal to own the knife, but I just want to be clear on the subject. I want to know if it is legal to openly carry a butterfly knife in Texas. I have also read the restrictions of open wearing and no butterfly knife is mentioned. I would also like to have sources on the subject that support the answer if it does not take too much trouble. In the case of illegal carrying of weapons, it is not illegal to carry an illegal knife «(2) in or directly on the way of a motor vehicle or watercraft owned or under the control of the person» I drive a motorcycle. There is no interior in my vehicle. Can I attach a knife larger than 5 1/2 inches? A shift blade (or also known as an automatic knife or OTF – knife out of the front) contains a spring-loaded mechanism that, when activated, completely opens the blade and engages. Fixed blade knives contain «ZERO» moving parts and folding knives are manual, meaning they can only be opened by a real movement of the human hand. Switching blades are a great tool because of their versatility and rapid deployment. They can be used in a variety of professional environments and can shorten time when crucial. I understood that a blade larger than 5.5 inches cannot be taken in certain areas like hospitals and schools, but what if the blade is less than 5.5 inches long? Like a normal pocket knife.

What size knife can I take with me to the places mentioned? I have a 3.75-inch pocket knife when folded It`s sad to think jim Bowie was in possession of an illegal knife. It looks like the court has sided with Santa Ana. Your information is all incorrect. Texas has changed its knife laws. You have to look at the current legislation. I am 16 years old and I have a Tac Force pocket knife, it has a feather but it is on the bottom of the blade, can I still carry it or should I just leave it at home?????? Compliance with the Texas Knife Act is much less onerous than compliance with the Knife Law of many other states. In general, Texas` sanctions for non-compliance are also more realistic. Violation of the restricted knife against § 46.02 (a4) (person under the age of 18 in possession of a «site-restricted knife») and violations of the section 46.03 site, with the exception of school premises, will be classified as Class C offences that carry a maximum fine of $500 and no collateral disqualification.

A violation of § 46.03, which concerns a place of school, is a criminal offence. Show me an ounce of evidence that proves what you just said. A Karambit is a fighting knife for martial arts. A gun doesn`t really require training. If we let people do what they wanted because it made them feel safe, a lot of people would have put guns on their vehicles by that standard. It`s not crazy Max, and it`s not Rambo. This is the real world, as sad as it is, we have to face this fact. Texas eliminated some of its previous knife laws, which were based on blade shapes or styles and opening mechanisms, in favor of a legal status based solely on blade length. This has been interpreted by the Texas Courts of Appeals as the length of the «flat-edged part of the knife that includes the sharp part of the instrument and all remaining flat-edged parts up to the handle, but excluding.» McMurrough v. The State of Texas, 995 P.W. 2d 944 (1999).

For minors under the age of 18, the rental, leasing, lending or handing over of a knife with a restricted location to persons under the age of 18 is a Category A offence. Carrying a knife with a location restriction outside a home, personal property or vehicle is a Class C offence. With the passage of the new law in 2017, Bowie knives, swords, spears, daggers and machetes, which have been illegal to wear in Texas for years, became legal as long as the blade of the knife does not exceed 5 1/2 inches. Can I carry a knife with a blade less than 5 1/2″ long hidden in Harris County, Texas? The new Knife Act enforces the Second Amendment right to keep and carry knives and firearms; State legislators have noted that it is important to distinguish between «weapons» and that, therefore, the freedom of the Second Amendment also applies to knives. Critics of the bill have raised concerns that the new law does allow the possession and carrying of swords, daggers, double-edged blades, blades and full-size machetes as long as those in possession do not enter restricted areas. «My thing is that it`s a knife. It is a trench knife. It`s a knife. They are not percussion rings. It`s aluminum. – Debra Kale I`m still fishing and 2 – 4 nets of cinnamon in a fishing box – Illegal? Is the length of the blade only the length of the blade or the length of the blade and handle? Texas` knife laws do not discriminate on the basis of age.

Minors or adults make no difference. It is massively outdated. From 01SEP17 everything is legal. Period. If you`re under 18, it`s being yourself. Thos that are completed is anything less than 5.5 inches legal to carry anywhere in the state. Anything beyond that essentially follows the ltC restrictions. So you can`t carry a sword in a school or bar, but you can carry one in a park or on school grounds, but outside the building.

The rule is through the blade, so if you want to bring a 5-foot spear into a courtroom with a 4-inch blade, you`re legal. From 01. In September 2013, switching blades, Balisongs and gravimeters became legal in Texas as long as they met the other legal wearing criteria – maximum blade length of 5.5″ AND single edge. If I was convicted of a violent crime in another state and completely ended my sentence, can I carry a knife with me here in Texas? Hi Allie; The only law I found is § 46.03. (Places Weapons Forbidden) — which prohibits a knife on school grounds anywhere in Texas — IF the blade is 5.5 inches or larger. However, I would always be very careful who sees the knife (preferably no one) and try to stay under the radar. It`s just me clapping, Pete like that, I`m 🙂 confused. Is it illegal to possess a blade (machete, knife, kukri, sword, etc.) larger than 5 inches or is it illegal to wear it in public? Can I carry a knife with a blade 4.1, I am 13 years old. I know it is a bit older, but I hope someone can answer my question. Could someone specifically define «gravimeters» and conduct investigations of gravitometers? My question is specific to bag folders with the Emerson Wave feature.

Are they legal in Texas? If I`m not mistaken, it doesn`t matter what type of knife or sword. As long as it doesn`t have the ankle handle closed and as long as you`re over 18, it doesn`t require a license. Can I get a permit to carry a knife larger than 5.5 inches? The thing to remember in Texas is that state law does not trump local laws when it comes to knives. Your legal knife can become illegal by simply crossing a city or county line. I have a knife in a sheath on a necklace, can I wear it around my neck in public next to the list of restricted places like hospitals, schools, etc.? Thank you very much!! Is a machete in my vehicle considered a knife/sword under Texas law? Example – Carrying a machete to my property to thin the vines and branches. A knife with a restricted location may not be sold to a person under the age of eighteen (18). Effective September 1, 2017, Texas law (HB 1935) abolished the category of «illegal knives.» In most places, it is now legal to carry swords, daggers, knives (of any length), machetes, etc. openly.

I noticed a comment about carrying a long knife in your vehicle (what if you just bought it or brought it to someone?) My question is that a motorcycle is also a vehicle and can I tie my machete to my back while riding a bike? It is legal to possess it. But it`s illegal to carry it/take it to places you don`t own or control So, I suspect my seized 6-inch knife is not acceptable to carry anywhere I`m in Texas I`m 17 can I carry a knife to the park in case of an emergency (asault. etc.), if so, what are the rules? A machete is considered a long-bladed weapon. And it`s 100% illegal to walk around with Texas. You just said that Bowie knives are illegal. Regardless of customs, it is illegal. Would it be illegal to carry this knife on my person? NOTE: Tomahawks remain «clubs» (Penal Code Sec. 46.01(1)(D)) that are still illegal to transport to Texas (Section 46.02 of the Penal Code).

I don`t see a karambit listed among the illegal weapons (or weapons you can`t carry). Since it is not a knife weapon, is it legal to wear a hidden Karambit? The blade is only about 3 1/2 inches tall. Is it legal to carry a knife with ankles in Texas (C) under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian of the person? Hi Lola; While there is some leeway for law enforcement to make decisions, anyone under the age of 18 (minors) – although preferably around the age of 18 – can usually carry a knife with a blade less than 5.5 inches. Presumably, you can order one online to own one. That`s just my thoughts on this topic – a lawyer in Texas can tell you for sure! Cheers, J. Bowie knives are legal to transport to Texas. This site is very outdated. I`m 15 years old and I live in Dallas, Texas, and I want to start collecting and buying pocket knives and other things, is it legal to buy knives for my age and collect them or what is the rule or the law? You can wear LOADED long guns openly in Texas, and there is an exception that you CAN wear a longer blade IF you are engaged in hunting/fishing and the knife is common in this sport. Specifically.