Finest Exclusive HS for females: Presumption, Woodrose, Poveda, St. Scho, an such like


I’m sure this bond can be so dated currently, 11 many years i believe. but i just like to share my personal view about this bond. Truthfully, these colleges really should not be opposed as they are all different out of both. Lemme share my views regarding the these types of schools.

Allows begin by St Paul, St Paul men and women are societal climbers, rather, bad ***, pair smart some one, primarily exposed to males,obsessed with soirees consequently they are spoiled.

St scho try not to learn them anywhere near this much, they are losers. thats most of the.. and you may few sexy anybody :-& as well as their uniform, my personal gosh, they appear such as my YAYA!

Best Exclusive HS for women: Assumption, Woodrose, Poveda, St. Scho, an such like

POVEDA Ok You should never Get Me Come, such *****es are incredibly unpleasant. They think premium simply because they have been steeped and their career vacation have different countries including Greece. They feel chill because they is also cam spanish. They feel that they are gorgeous plus they are naughty camwhores. They truly are enthusiastic about soirees, they’re not extremely hot, they simply try not to don outfits which can be compatible. And additionally they feel like life sized bananas..

ICA Chinese, not too sensuous, not too discussed, trying to difficult to be public climbers,vain/feelers, steeped, some girls keeps scandals and they have brief boobs

MC TIBO Aware!(gender drama), cheap females, constantly utilized in eastern timber with lasallians otherwise ateneans that are desperate, wear very provocative outfits(hoe bags!), he or she is simply employed by ateneans so that they wont be thought to be a loss, they appear eg an ugly forest.

AC: English-speaking MAARTE *****Es. Have the a front side and in addition features the slutty side. Party female. many people are unattractive and just a few are very and mediocre. It might not be titled air-con later because there might not be college or university in presumption anymore just like the not totally all some body really wants to study here to own school. Loss! i am talking about get real, who would like to studies here to own university?

AA: FUGLY Female. not all sexy some one. TIBO Invasion!(women French kissing from the restroom, sexting(sex into cell phone), that have cyber gender that have co-workers, and much more disgusting articles :-&), they was their utmost in order to blend in on the most other POPU Universities however in truth, he could be merely provincial ladies seeking talk for the english and you will is part of the greater society. These include school is actually low profile as well as don’t participate in competitions such as the sketchers moving thing and much more.. It kick aside people who investigation around which can be a-listers. It kicked away nina jose and you can maxene magalona. they think the children create wreck new reputation of this new college. One-word : Loser! kbye..

I understand this bond is indeed dated already, eleven ages i do believe. however, i just wish to display my personal view about it bond. Honestly, these schools shouldn’t be compared because they’re various different from one another. Lemme show my personal views on these types of colleges.

Lets begin by St Paul, St Paul folks are societal climbers, rather, crappy ***, few wise some one, mostly met with people,enthusiastic about soirees and they are rotten.

St scho never learn her or him this much, these include losers. that is every.. and you may partners sensuous someone :-& and their consistent, my gosh, they appear for example my personal YAYA!

Top Exclusive HS for women: Expectation, Woodrose, Poveda, St. Scho, etcetera

POVEDA Ok Never Score Me personally Come, this type of *****parece are extremely annoying. They think advanced simply because they might be rich as well as their occupation trips can be found in various countries for example Greece. They think cool simply because they is cam language. They think that they are gorgeous plus they are slutty camwhores. These include obsessed with soirees, they’re not extremely sexy, they just do not wear gowns that will be appropriate. And additionally they appear to be life sized bananas..

ICA Chinese, not that beautiful, not that discussed, seeking difficult to end up being societal climbers,vain/feelers, rich, certain people has actually scandals and they’ve got quick boobies

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