He realized into an ethical height it had been wrong, but it must be complete

Nagisa murdered his moms and dads just after, saying specific shame after

Nagisa killed their moms and dads immediately after, stating particular shame afterwards

In the memoir, it’s indicated that Nagisa thought a great amount of shame as to what he together with almost every other Fighters had been performing. He in addition to felt guilt over destroying their mothers. Despite his treatment, he nevertheless feels that he’s with debt in order to his moms and dads for increasing your. The guy hates they, however, the guy can’t avoid effect which he nevertheless owes him or her affection and you will regard.

Even if Nagisa is actually towards the verge regarding suicide also additional Warriors, Junko Enoshima searched and you can confident the kids the adults have been completely wrong and they should do a haven for children.

Part 4 – Exactly how we Alive

Even after every Monaca had done, Nagisa nevertheless sees this lady since the an old friend, asking Komaru not to ever damage her too-much as a result of this facts.

Nagisa killed his parents after, stating particular guilt later

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