Relaxed Diesel Treatment (EDT) try a centered six-in-1 diesel ingredient devised to answer complications with the present Super-Reduced Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)


Relaxed DIESEL Treatment contains a centered amount of cetane enhancement and that tremendously upgrades fuel and you will enhances power cost savings in every diesel motors. EDT plus cleans strength injectors to steadfastly keep up abilities & best jet activities.

EDT brings limit cover having strength options as well as their portion, particularly strength injectors and stamina pumps. It’s infused with these LX4 Lubricity Extreme to alter diesel strength lubricity by the around twenty six%*, reducing the wear scar of the doing 159 microns* making sure diesel stamina passes the lube recommendations place from the System Maker’s Association (EMA) away from a clothe themselves in mark maximum out of 460 microns. EDT and additionally combats wetness via h2o dispersants, rust & corrosion inhibitors and has now a fuel stabilizer.

Hot Shot’s Secret EDT Stamina Additive Boost Energy & Overall performance with every Complete-Right up Accelerates cetane up to 7 situations Grows electricity distance right up so you’re able to 7

Uses: Casual Diesel Treatment solutions are suitable for All of the DIESEL Motors (as well as level 4 certified) since it is totally ashless possesses no adverse effects into engine parts. Suitable for Semi-trucks, pick-right up automobiles, farm products & trucks. Good at the diesel motors in addition to Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, Volkswagen, Audi, and. All of our EDT complies toward government reasonable sulfur stuff criteria having use in diesel automobiles and you can non-street motors.

EDT can also be used for the furnace fuel oils for more efficient electricity use and you may a very trouble-totally free furnace operation without creating one hazardous emissions.

Strength addressed with EDT is good “PREMIUM” diesel strength. All the diesel motor create make use of EDT! This new cetane improver into the EDT includes special nitrates which are pro-oxidants and you will and therefore automate the latest oxidative process of fuels while in the combustion, providing even more power and you can improved mileage. EDT brings somewhat increased ignition performance along with diesel fuels. In addition, EDT inhibits nicotine gum and you can sludge formation. Corrosion are precluded by an inhibitor and therefore provides a safety low-deposit-creating film towards metal counters on the stamina system and and that counteracts corrosive acids molded during combustion. A significant element of EDT is actually a new demulsifier and that disperses condensed moisture. Squeezed h2o inside fuels is actually a major reason for corrosion, icing within the winter season therefore the growth of microorganisms into the enjoying environment. Process out of diesel engines try significantly increased whenever rust and gains from bacterium is avoided. EDT include a personal polar lubricity additive to avoid don in place of changing energy viscosity.

Fuel and you may stamina benefit is increased because energy burns off more evenly and you will cleanly

EDT is extremely good at middle distillate fuels to improve burning and you can ignition results, increase power cost savings and sustain electricity from inside the a clean, normalized standing. The brand new sulfur stuff associated with diesel power additive doesn’t go beyond 15 ppm

The cause of top overall performance which have EDT is the fact cetane improve throughout the energy gives an easier, shorter erratic stress buildup regarding combustion chamber into the ignition decrease period and this happens between injections and you can ignition.

Misfiring is managed. When ignition improves, emissions are shorter and you may noise account is actually reduced. Managing the tension create-upwards allows even more done consuming of your own refractive molecules in the energy, which deal strength and develop places and you can wear.

EDT could also be used into the heater electricity petroleum to get more effective stamina use and an even more difficulties-totally free heating system procedure without creating any unsafe emissions.

Not any other diesel oil or fuel additive keeps a far greater make sure than Beautiful Shot’s Miracle issues. In the event that the points don’t send perfectly, upcoming we’re going to leave you your bank account right back. Prevent out of story.

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