Best of all, these self-defense weapons are not lethal. The castle doctrine is a set of laws that apply to the situation where people use self-defense in their own home (as opposed to outside or in a place of business). Here are examples of the best non-lethal self-defense weapons: The Home Defense Academy lists these moves as the best self-defense tactics. These moves could be useful if you don`t have the right self-defense weapon in an emergency. We do not share these facts to frighten anyone. However, if you want to defend yourself, you should buy self-defense weapons for both men and women. Below, we share the best self-defense weapons for a variety of situations. From personal security alarms to pepper spray, you`ll find plenty of affordable daily tools online to keep you safe. As the old saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword, and that`s especially true for the Atomic Bear tactical pen in your hands. This all-in-one pen has a glass breaker, multi-tool and built-in compartment for hiding objects.

The improved striking end is made of sturdy tungsten carbide and can be used to defend against unexpected attack. Also, due to its unobtrusive appearance, the pen is a good choice for users who prefer to keep their weapon in sight and nearby. Although gun ownership is common and popular in the United States, a gun is often not the best choice for most self-protection needs. Unique and unusual self-defense weapons are necessary if you plan to travel a lot or even hike for self-defense. But are you ready for an attack at home? Loud noises are often enough to prevent an attacker from carrying out their plan, and that horn is certainly loud enough to cause a scene at 115 decibels. This horn, audible at more than half a kilometer, is a great deterrent for humans and animals. Throw it in your backpack before your next boat, camping or hiking trip to use for self-defense or to warn other campers if you are injured or lost. Don`t expect others to come to your rescue – the bystander effect suggests that bystanders often don`t help a victim or person in distress, especially when others are present in the same context. Self-defense is the best defense against many types of attacks on your property or your own well-being. If you don`t have years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai under your belt, don`t sweat. These small, easy-to-carry self-defense weapons can give peace of mind to anyone worried about their (or a loved one`s) safety, and even help successfully thwart attackers if you find yourself in a scary situation. If you have the right non-lethal weapons at hand and are part of your Everyday Carry (EDC) package, you and your loved ones will be equipped with all the necessary home defense supplies and self-defense tools.

Some people think that EDC only involves an LED flashlight and a self-defense knife, but proper security and preparation requires much more. You need durable stainless steel self-defense products. For example, if you have a weak and weak baton for your personal defense tool, you won`t be properly prepared in case of a possible attack, theft, or kidnapping. Instead, order an extendable stick that is strong and durable so you can fend off attackers or intruders. The right self-defense weapons give you peace of mind that no matter the situation, you will be taken care of to protect yourself, your friends and family. These are particularly important for women, who are unfortunately the main targets of assaults, robberies and abductions. Therefore, no one should spare costs when it comes to self-defense tools for women. If you have a friend, family member, or even yourself who needs the right tools, order them today and have that peace of mind. Women have been widely associated with wearing pepper spray as an affordable, compact and effective method of self-defense. When the doors open inward, it gets stuck in the impact zone and prevents the door from opening. Made of steel and installed in seconds, the Addalock is a simple and powerful addition to your arsenal of self-defense options.

Technically, a door alarm is not a weapon. However, it is still an essential tool for self-defense. This door stop alarm from GE is easy to use at home and you can even take it with you when you travel. Therefore, as a homeowner or someone who wants to protect their loved ones, finding a self-defense solution is crucial. When the alarm is activated, a 120-decibel alarm sounds, allowing you to get to safety and eliminate potential intruders. If you`re the kind of man who travels often or spends the night in a sketchy place, this door stop alarm is a must. The easiest trick is just one of many ways to avoid an attack without protecting yourself from an attack. Thus, whistles and self-defense alarms draw attention to you and the situation, especially when traveling alone or in the dark. Sabre Advanced Compact Pepper Spray is one of the most trusted names in self-defense, offering some of the best self-defense products for civilians and law enforcement officials.

This compact pepper spray has a built-in belt clip that ensures your spray is immediately at hand when you face a real threat. This pepper spray also contains a UV marker that could help police identify your attacker. Note that you have the legal right to use lethal force for self-defense if: Ultimately, you are the best weapon of self-defense. The tools are extremely useful, but are not always readily available. Although the Kubotan looks like a gnarled vampire pole, it has a number of non-lethal self-defense applications. Attach this lightweight aluminum stick to your keys for easy carrying, and in case of attack, you can perform one of the following actions: grab it to harden your fist to hit, use it as a striking weapon and whip your keys on the attacker, or take the Kubotan and hit your attacker`s hands and joints. Protect yourself with these discreet self-defense weapons. Some California laws make it illegal to use certain firearms to defend oneself. Experts agree that there are very few non-lethal weapons that can replace the practicality of a knife. The best personal protection and self-defense knives include: The best self-defense weapons are discreet, easy to carry, non-lethal, economical and effective. Of course, a self-defense weapon is only effective if you know how to use it properly, so make sure you`re trained with the weapon of your choice once you`ve decided which one is best for you.