When is restraint a more appropriate choice than silence? The letter P is often silent in words that connect it to the letter S, such as psalm, psyche, psychology, pseudoscience, pseudonym, and body. It is also silent in many technical words that include the prefixes pneumato-, pneumano- and pneumo-, such as pneumonia and pneumatic. The letter P is also silent in other strange words such as raspberry, received and pterodactylus. If we haven`t made an embarrassing mistake, we`re pretty sure that the letter X is silent in the words wrong and faux pas. As is the case in other words derived from French such as roux and doux and some plurals such as choux et reseaux (the plural of cabbage and reseau, respectively). The letter Y is another, which depends on pronunciation to be silent. For example, a pronunciation of the word beyond [bee-ond] could be considered a silent Y. After looking up and down, the only words we can find with a silent M are those that begin with mn, like mnemonics and similar derived terms, but maybe we just need something to help us remember others. The words reserved and silent are synonymous, but differ in their nuance. In particular, reluctance implies a reluctance to speak or speak at length, especially about one`s own affairs.

Although the words reserved and silent have much in common, reserved implies restraint and suggests the limiting influence of caution or formality in the consideration of a simple casual conversation. We searched as hard as we could for words with a silent V, but unfortunately we left empty-handed. Some sources claim that V is the only letter in English that is never silent, and we could not find any examples to prove this claim false. However, poetic contractions like e`er and ne`er cut him directly. Do you like the sounds of silence? Are you looking for the meaning of these terms? Check out all these unique words in our comprehensive list that allows you to create your own quizzes and flashcards. However, we know you might like a bigger challenge – get ready for a short quiz about these mute characters! The letter A is silent in a number of words that contain -ea, such as bread, fear, head, thread, and propagation. The letter A also remains calm in a series of adverbs ending in -ically, as if fundamentally, stoic, logical, hectic, fanatical, magical and tragic. A few words also have a silent A at the beginning that doesn`t seem to do much, like gait and aesthetics.

The letter O is silent in some words that associate it with other vowels E and U, such as human, danger, leopard, rough, hard, enough, cloudy and double. The letter W is attached with the tongue around the letter R and is often silent when used in words such as wreck, wrench, crown, rings, rings, wrist, scythe, wrestling, falsified, writing, writing, writing, folding, wraith, wrapping, anger, misery, wreckage, twisting, ironic, packaging and playwright. A handful of other words also contain a silent W, such as answer, sword, two, and who. One pattern we might find for the Silent T occurs when it is associated with the letter L in words like pipe, silk, thistle, occupation, agitation, and locking. The letter T is also silent in many French loanwords such as ballet, gourmet, rapport, ricochet, buffet, crochet, servant, début and beret. In addition, the silent T appears in a random selection of other words, such as asthma, mortgage, tsunami, soften, hear, attach, sparkle, and moisturize. The letter L is silent in words as should, could, would, half, calving, chalk, talking, going, people and egg yolk. The silent L in the word salmon is also quite fishy. The letter K is silent at the beginning of many words, followed by the letter N. Some examples of this are knives, sweaters, pommels, tapping, knitting, ankles, knees, knees, bells and whistles, knowledge, knowledge, knots and tubers.

When it comes to the letter C, it seems to remain silent when it follows the letter S. There are many examples of this, such as science, scissors, perfume, ascent, crescent, descent, descent, student, scene, obscene, fluorescence, abscess, fascination and muscles. You must be nervous about G because he can`t seem to say anything when he comes after them, in words like guard, leader, guilt, guitar, guess, disguise, guest, guilt, disguise, wand, dialogue, monologue, league, colleague, villain, vague and tongue.