This is a common demonstration regarding sarcoidosis

We = Two-sided hilar lymphadenopathy (BHL): the brand new X-ray shows an equal degree of improvement out-of lymph nodes at the the newest “root” regarding each party of the lung area.

II = BHL in addition to pulmonary infiltrations: the latest X-beam reveals a sickness process since the demonstrated more than having extension to the and you may during the extra lung structure.

III = Pulmonary infiltration only (in the place of BHL): the newest X-beam reveals an illness process that are pass on regarding the lung muscle (with no enlargement out of lymph nodes)

IV = Pulmonary fibrosis: the new X-ray suggests small lung fields, scratch, and “retraction” off both hila (the space from the “root” of your own lungs).

This type of situation is the most big or permanent function of one’s disease

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