Read the instructions for completing your application forms. In section C, you can indicate that you no longer need a representative. A cancellation means that you will no longer use a representative to receive information or carry out an immigration process on your behalf. Section A requires your last name (IMM 5707 information form) and all given names. You must also provide your date of birth. In addition, enter your citizenship application (CIT 0002) and your Canadian Immigration Identification Number, if applicable. This number is also known as the Immigration File Number or UCI Number. In short, the following individuals will need to submit the IMM5476f online form: If you have already appointed a representative, you can also use this form to revoke this selection. Get help opening an application form or filling out an application form in the Help Centre.

As a candidate, you only need to use this form if you are preparing to appoint a representative for your application to immigrate to Canada. In addition, your advisor can complete a quote request on your behalf through an advisor portal. If your documents are complete, the principal applicant and their spouse or partner must also sign the form. Use this form to classify employees without citizenship as internal L-1 non-immigrants (executives, managers, or subject matter experts) under a pre-approved general petition L. According to the instructions for use, the representative form (IMM 5476) consists of four sections. Each section requires specific details about the candidate. Look for all USCIS forms. Submit your form online for a more convenient and secure experience. For forms that are only available in paper format, select the Form Details button to download the form and instructions. USCIS forms and USCIS online accounts are always free.

If you have not yet submitted your citizenship, immigration or other application, submit this form with the office indicated in your application package or download it electronically. Your representative can be a family member, friend, lawyer and immigration consultant. Once you have appointed a representative, they will complete all required forms, submit your application and inform CIC of your application. In Section D, you declare that all information you enter is valid, accurate and complete. Once you`re done, you`ll need to sign the form. Other applicants listed on form IMM5476e must also sign the document. If you have already submitted your application, send this form to the office to which you sent your original application or send it electronically using the IRCC web form. Please note that if the applicant is accompanied by a dependent child 18 years of age or older, they will also need to complete and sign their own IMM 5476 visa form. However, they would not have to do so if the CIC representative does not lead the process on their behalf. Form IMM5476 is the use of a representative form.

This is a PDF document that prospective immigrants must submit to IRCC if they wish to appoint a representative. A representative conducts the immigration process on behalf of the candidate and family members. Specifically, a representative is considered to be any person who does business with CIC for the applicant and with the candidate`s permission. In section B, you need to enter all the important data about your agent. First, enter the name of your representative. Next, you need to list some details, such as whether your representative is paid or not. If paid, that person must be a member of one of the groups listed. Enter your representative`s membership number and the province or territory. Finally, enter your representative`s contact information. Need help with your Canadian immigration case? Look no further than Canadapt Consulting! Our team of experienced consultants will ensure that your case is handled smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on a new life in Canada. There is an official guide on Canada`s website that you can download and consult.

You can download the new version and update the IMM 5706e PDF form from the IRCC website.