Some students with a law degree may work in accounting firms, but many accounting firms need staff to acquire another qualification. Human resources is a great career for law graduates because they understand employment law. In addition to these careers, students may also serve as law enforcement officers, legal librarians, real estate agents, social workers, or probation officers. A Bachelor of Laws degree offers many benefits that people may not even realize. In the past, students started with an associate`s degree, which taught them the basics they needed to get started. Things started to change. Now, many universities and colleges are phasing out their associate programs and adding courses to the bachelor`s program. This means that students receive a deeper education in less time, allowing them to advance their careers much faster. Claims adjusters investigate property damage and bodily injury to help insurance companies determine appropriate compensation for their customers` losses. They often have to interview complainants and witnesses, review police reports and other legal documents, and gather additional evidence. A high school diploma or equivalent may allow you to work as an accountant, secretary or clerk in a legal setting. However, the average salaries for these positions are about $41,000. With a law degree, you can qualify for significantly higher incomes.

For example, paralegals earn a median annual income of more than $67,000 with the federal government. Specialized accreditation is used to validate the programs of study that a school offers to its students. Each degree program meets the highest industry standards. This includes materials used, resources, skills, capabilities and percentage of completion. Students and employers pay close attention to the accredited status of a degree program to ensure they get the most out of each course. Doctoral programs, such as those for a Doctor of Laws or a Doctor of Laws, typically require 4-7 years of full-time study. Graduate students must complete 2-3 years of coursework, pass a comprehensive exam, conduct original research, and write a thesis. Before graduation, candidates must defend the methodology and results of their thesis before a faculty committee. Students who complete their bachelor`s degree cannot go directly to law school. Many graduates have found rewarding careers in other professions applicable to their degree. Litigation consultants work with lawyers and law firms to help them present their cases.

While they do not necessarily address the law on which the case is based, litigation consultants work to improve the rhetoric and clarity of the arguments made. Litigators also play a crucial role in helping lawyers develop their jury strategy and jury selection. This job is ideal for those with a Bachelor of Laws. Another important role that process consultants play is the preparation of witnesses at trial. Student advisors earn an average salary of $50,410 per year. Legal Secretary Police officers must also be able to communicate well orally and in writing, and demonstrate strong critical thinking and management skills. A law degree can help improve these skills for use in complex, real-world situations. A job as a paralegal or legal assistant will be a great experience before you start law school or any other career. You will gain strong organizational skills essential to coordinating documents and exhibits for law firms. Legal assistants must have great attention to detail when reviewing documents and ensure that documents are in order.

Similarly, in the area of civil law, there is a need for paralegals and legal assistants, court reporters, investigators, court staff and courthouse administrative staff. And the areas of real estate, trusts and estate, tax, corporate and environmental law all require the work of people other than lawyers; It would be helpful if they had knowledge of the law. The legal studies program covers a wide range of legal topics to ensure you have the knowledge you need to succeed in your career. If you`re ready to pursue a career in the legal field, an associate`s degree in legal studies is the first step. Earning a law degree will help you develop research, writing, communication, and critical thinking skills, which will prepare you for a variety of career paths and opportunities. The Journal of Legal Studies: The University of Chicago School of Law sponsors this biannual journal that explores legal concepts such as contract law and police behavior. The resource focuses on social sciences in legal practices such as psychology and economics. Clear and effective writing is an integral part of all legal career paths. To succeed in law school, aspiring lawyers must be able to properly structure arguments and cite academic sources. For example, arbitrators write settlement agreements, legal assistants write memos, court reporters prepare detailed summaries of trials and other proceedings, and judges write opinions.

Because knowledge of law and legal systems touches on aspects of many fields, from individual rights to social change, your law degree can prepare you for many different jobs. Please note that additional job-specific training and/or testing may be required for each of the positions listed below. Individuals can also earn graduate certificates and diplomas at colleges and universities. These credentials may reflect areas of specialization, such as criminal law, taxation, and corporate compliance. The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies (LS) program is to broaden students` critical and analytical thinking skills and improve their ability to communicate complex data both orally and in writing. This training, along with your aptitude for soft skills in the workplace, would make these jobs a great addition. In the North Central region of the MA, paralegals and paralegals earn an average of $55,000 per year with a partner`s degree! Your degree from MWCC will give you strong computer skills and a solid legal education, so your skills will help you quickly find a job in this growing market. To start your career as a law student, contact an FNU consultant to discuss financial aid options today! NALA – The National Association of Law Assistants provides resources to paralegals and paralegals across the country.

NALA also strives to maintain the highest quality standards in training and licensing or certification requirements. After graduation, you can enter directly into the professional field by getting an entry-level position or expanding your training and pursuing graduate degrees to build on your existing degree. We offer convenient schedules with day, evening and online options, and we also offer crash courses if you prefer to finish your studies in less time. Contact MWCC to learn more about how we can help you pursue your dream career. The value you attach to studying law online depends on how successful you want to be. Even the highest quality degree program won`t be worth the money you paid for it if you don`t put everything you have in the top grades. If you do everything you can to learn as much as you can and succeed in becoming the best at what you do, then your online law degree is worth the money, time, and effort you`ve put into it. The more you invest in your education, the more valuable the payment will be. The advantages of working in the legal system are that there are many job opportunities throughout the country and the work can be very interesting. Each case or client presents a unique story or problem that offers a variety of challenges to work on.

In addition, it can be satisfying, both intellectually and personally, to use your knowledge and skills to help and guide people who are facing complex legal issues that they cannot manage on their own. One of the main drawbacks is that the field of law can be stressful because the law is detail-oriented, sometimes adversarial and very time-oriented. Therefore, there is always significant work pressure. There is no single place to look to find the best law degree programs approved by the ABA. Some are more affordable than others.