JI-2662 Driving under the influence of alcohol and injury: affirmative defence as defined in paragraph 346.63(2)(b) (withdrawn in 2004) Jury manipulation refers to inappropriate communication with a jury for the purpose of influencing the jury`s deliberative process through private communications or contacts on matters directly related to the case being adjudicated. Examples of jury manipulation may include providing external information to a jury and bribery, threatening or intimidating a jury to influence the verdict. Lawyers and jurors themselves may be involved in jury manipulation. JI-2661A Driving a Motor Vehicle with a Prohibited Concentration of Alcohol and Causing Injury – 0.08 grams or more – § 346.63(2)(a) (withdrawn in 2004) JI-1261 Serious bodily injury caused by negligent use of a vehicle (renumbered JI-2654 in 1989) The purpose of the Jury Manipulation Act is to guarantee a party`s constitutional right to a trial by an impartial jury. In Remmer v. The United States considered that jury manipulation in criminal cases would be prejudicial, meaning that the party accused of jury manipulation bears the burden of proving that there is no reasonable possibility that the manipulation would affect the impartiality of the jury. Search for the jury instructions using the table of contents below or print the entire command set (rev. 2022). JI-1262 Injury (Major Bodily Injury) Caused by Driving Under the Influence (2014) Word PDF JI-5050 Causing Injury or Death to a Minor by Providing Alcoholic Beverages (2007) Word PDF JI-1250 Reckless First Degree Injury (2020) Word PDF Jury manipulation is not only an ethical violation, but a criminal offense. Depending on the state, jury manipulation can be a felony or misdemeanor. Penalties for jury manipulation may also vary from state to state. In New York, for example, bribing a jury is a Class D felony punishable by up to seven years in prison.

JI-1908 Unlawful Use of a Computer Communication System: Threat of Injury (2008) Word PDF JI-1209 Second-degree sexual assault: Sexual contact or sexual intercourse without consent that causes injury, disease, disease or alteration of a sexual or reproductive organ, or mental anguish requiring psychiatric treatment (2022) Word PDF JI-1260 Injuries Caused by Careless Handling of a Weapon (2011) Word PDF JI-820 Privilege: Self-Defense: Violation of a Third Party Charged with Reckless or Negligent Crime (2022) Word PDF JI-1808A Bribery of a Witness: Transfer of Property (2021) Word PDF JI-2610 Driving a Motor Vehicle Without a Valid Driver`s License – Criminal Offence (2013) Word PDF. JI-1510 Incest: Sexual Intercourse Between Father and Daughter (renumbered JI-1532 in 2008) JI-1170 Homicide by Negligent Conduct (2002) Word PDF JI-1544 Indecent and Lascivious Behavior – Exposure of Genitals or Pubic Area (2007) Word PDF JI-1390 Denial of Rights: In General (withdrawn in 1992) JI-992 Violent Crime in a School Zone (2012) Word PDF. JI-2623 in service while revoked or suspended: Offence: Causing grievous bodily harm or death (withdrawn in 2013). JI-SM-5 suggested the order of instructions (renumbered Criminal JI-1 in 1995). JI-1418 Molotov Cocktails (Incendiary Bombs): Manufacture, Sale, Offer for Sale, Donation or Transfer (2008) Word PDF JI-50 Pre-Investigation: Jury Conduct; Proof; transcripts are not available; Credibility; substantive issues; Opening Statement (2022) Word PDF JI-1032 Criminal Murder: Death caused during the commission of a crime as a party to the crime: Aiding and abetting (2022) Word PDF. JI-2663C Alcohol Concentration (2004) Word PDF. JI-1778 Attack by a Prisoner: Arrest of an Officer, Employee, Visitor, or Detainee on an Immediate Battery Likely to Cause Death or Serious Bodily Injury (2001) Word PDF. JI-6100 Fraudulent Obtaining of a Prescription Drug (2005) Word PDF JI-1200D «Without Consent» – Complainant Suffers from Mental Illness (2002) Word PDF JI-SM-25 Duty of Judge at Initial Appearance (withdrawn in 2011). JI-2654 Reckless Driving: Causing Major Bodily Harm (2018) Word PDF JI-410 Party to the Crime: Conspiracy to Commit the Alleged Crime (2005) Word PDF JI-1788 Promotion of Probation, Prolonged Supervision or Breach of Probation (2011) Word PDF JI-SM-6 Jury Instructions on Lesser Crimes (2014) Word PDF JI-603 Preliminary Hearing After Finding Guilt and Considering Whether the Accused Had a Mental Health Disorder at the Time of The Offence Illness or Defect Suffered (2011) Word PDF JI-2040 Injunction or Breach of Injunction (2019) Word PDF JI-128 Charges Settled During Trial (2014) Word PDF.