Eric and Jillian need our help. After leaving a restaurant, pregnant Jillian was verbally abused by a young black woman for not properly apologizing for colliding with her. Her mother, Takelia Hill, saw her daughter confront Jillian and came to defend her daughter. After the mother threatened to kick her «white s**ts,» Jillian was able to get into her car safely. Her husband verbally defended her and lost his job because he interrogated the attackers. After attempting to retreat, Takelia Hill stood behind their car and prevented them from leaving the parking lot safely. Feeling threatened for her safety and that of her unborn child, Jillian brandished her legal concealed firearm. She and her husband were able to retire to their vehicle after Takelia Hill moved away from the back of the vehicle. They were arrested, detained and charged with aggravated assault. They were released on bail.

Eric was fired from his job for helping his pregnant wife. You need help paying for legal fees and other costs due to job loss. This fundraiser was organized to financially support Jillian and Eric Wuestenberg in their daily lives, as other fundraisers via GoFundMe were cancelled for violating their legal fee terms of use and all donors were reimbursed. This new campaign complies with Fundrazr`s Terms of Service. Württembergs may use the funds paid at their discretion; Food, housing costs, pregnancy-related expenses, etc. Your donation has no express purpose, and you have been informed and agree that recipients have consent to access and allocate funds at their discretion. Unfortunately, PayPal has frozen their money as there seems to be a limit to the amount you can get/withdraw without a business account. They are doing everything they can to solve this problem, because they are currently disabled and do not have access to donations. Therefore, we will postpone this for a few more days until we can update their donation links on the website, etc.

This blasphemy is clearly Michael Bouchard and Jessica Cooper, who are yielding to social pressure to get black votes for re-election. Donating:Â Set a personal fundraising goal. You will encourage more contributions if you do this. And rest quietly. There is no obligation to achieve your goal or bad consequences if you don`t. Simple, optional, effective. The Wuestenbergs had the legal right to assert themselves, and their arrest and blatant charges are a flagrant violation of their civil rights and freedoms! Still no resolution. For obvious reasons, legal proceedings or negotiations cannot be discussed. Due to Covid, there is currently no right to a speedy trial. Unfortunately, PayPal has still not released funds for the Wuestenbergs. This is absolutely ridiculous and every effort is being made to solve this problem, but it is possible that the Wuestenbergs will never have access to these gifts.

Go to Communications to edit recipients, manage your drafts, and view/edit scheduled updates. Embed a campaign widget into your website or blog with just a few code snippets. Add up to 10 email addresses separated by a comma. They appear at the top of your campaign page and on social media and emails. Jillian Wuestenberg and Eric Wuestenberg have been charged with aggravated assault for Wednesday`s incident, Oakland County District Attorney Jessica Cooper said. The mother-to-be was just trying to defuse the situation. Can`t donate? Please share. Quick sharing on Facebook can also help. Any form of training that an organization provides to its officers may be better or differently The standards are intended to reduce differences in the duration and content of law enforcement firearms instructor certification courses nationally. The Wuestenbergs have set up a website dedicated to those they wish to support.

Please visit: It was a despicable and blatant miscarriage of justice, and the Weustenbergs were the real victims. Once again, the Oakland County Sheriff`s Department and Jessica Cooper/the prosecutor`s office are a disgrace and have let the people down. 780.972 Use of lethal force by persons not involved in the commission of criminal offences; Conditions.Paragraph 2. 3. Although the Weustenbergs were not forced to retreat, they continued their retreat to defuse the situation. Delete this entry from media gallery? It will also be removed from all related history updates. Who can we count on if we cannot trust our «leaders» to protect us from such gross injustices? Subscribe to email updates on the progress of this campaign. Before you go, did you know that by simply sharing this campaign, you can help raise $30? It is an effective way to support the cause. Day together! First of all, I spoke at length with Jillian today, and she wanted to make sure everyone knew how grateful they are for your support. I think that`s what keeps them going. Their kind words save them in this stressful time.

The premise behind my last article is simple: trading unnecessary and excessive firearms qualifications for higher-quality assortment training. The Wuestenbergs are very grateful for your continued love and support! Thank you for your reports. This campaign is currently under consideration. Tell people why our cause is important to you. Your personal message will encourage others to help. Simple, effective, optional. Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, of Clarkston, MI, were wrongly accused by your office of criminal assault, a crime punishable by 4 years in prison. We recommend that you continue to use Venmo instead. It is these contributions that sustain the Wuestenberg family. So thank you all for your continued support of Venmo Info is below. Thank you very much.

We take reports like yours very seriously. Our goal is to keep the community safe. Your media gallery is empty. This means you`re missing a powerful opportunity to draw attention to your cause. Nothing draws more attention to your cause than a home video. Now, take a minute or two to record one. Record a short video message in support. Or download one from your device. You can preview or repeat your video before publishing. How to delete a Page tab It looks like you don`t have a Facebook Page yet. How to create a Facebook Page It looks like you don`t have a linked Facebook account.